We believe that ‘going to the gym’ isn’t just about picking up weights and throwing them about. Real strength involves choreographing both mental and physical control, so we provide coaching that helps you understand your body and its movement in a more complete way.

As well as providing classes to help you develop the way you want to, you can also use our wonderful first-floor studio out of class time, to stretch after a heavy session or maybe do an abs session with friends… 

At CoreWorx, you’ll find two well-designed gyms that provide the optimum mix of equipment to help build a fitter, healthier, stronger - and all-out more awesome - you.

The main floor gym will allow you to work hard using free weights within the safety of a machine. This plate-loaded equipment helps members learn how their body works. There’s also a selection of top-of-the-range cardio equipment – including treadmills and rowers - that will build functionality into your training.  We’ve also provided sport bikes for a more natural cycling experience, StairMaster to get the legs pumping as well as a sled track for that cheeky weighted cardio.

Function is king. Who wants to be strong in the gym, but not able to carry all the weekly food shop in one trip?

Downstairs is our CoreFit room. This is where you’ll be able to do everything from deadlifts and squats in our rig, to high-intensity cardio training using battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells. You can get a crazy full-body work out from our air bikes, rowers and SkiErgs, while chilling and chatting to mates between workouts.


30 day Flexible monthly membership

Full access to the gym

Free Training Plan


SAVE £120 for the year

1-off payment for 12 month annual membership

Full access to the gym

Free coffee

Free WiFi access

Free Training Plan

*from £25/ 6 week program
CoreWorx Training Programs

If you're in need of a training structure and like to train with guidance CoreWorx has the answer.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn how to navigate the gym, or someone looking to reduce their body fat but not sure how. You might even be looking to pack on some muscle over the coming weeks or are you looking to improve your all round performance?.

Check out our range of programs that will guide you to achieve your goal.

8 Development Sessions Bundle
*£8.50/ session
CoreWorx Development Sessions

Our Development sessions are designed to push you harder and further than you thought you could, as well as educating about session structure and movement mechanics.

These sessions are bought in bundles of 8 and can be used to book on any of our Development Sessions, from Sports Yoga to TeamCycol. They have an 8 week expiration so you can use them up as fast or as slow as you like.

So if your looking to push your self a little harder and educate your self a little more, why not get your self booked on, Download our MindBody app or check out our timetable online and get your self booked on.

CoreWorx is redefining the way you think about health and fitness!

Our bespoke facility offers a balance of functionality in a relaxed environment. With cutting-edge fitness equipment, professional guidance and scheduled coaching sessions, CoreWorx is the gym that ensures you will fell confident walking in knowing we'er here to help you feel stronger, healthier and fitter while being a part of a friendly and fun loving community. When your workout is done, why not stick around and wind down with staff or fellow gym buddies over a coffee. Everything within CoreWorx has been meticulously designed: from the selection and positioning of the equipment to the styling and lighting, creating a cool, fun environment that will inspire and motivate you...and help you get outdoors to enjoy what the Lake District has to offer with family and friends.


You’re the reason we’re here. We want you to come regularly, enjoy your sessions, get results, and build a long-term relationship with your fitness so that you can enjoy what the Lake District has to offer with ease. Nothing else matters.


Our team of experienced coaches are always here if you need a hand. It means you can depend on the same friendly face, level of expertise and support every time you come through our doors.


Our coaches are all professionally qualified personal trainers. Having a CoreWorx coach by your side will help you understand how to achieve and maintain your training goals - in and out of the gym.


A critical part of fitness is a healthy balanced diet that supports your goals. Here at CoreWorx we’ll provide you with basic advice, but if you’d like a more detailed nutrition plan you can consult one of our PTs.

Download the app MINDBODY is the latest addition to the Coreworx Mind, Body & Function experience. The App will allow you to sign up for group training classes as well as track training appointments, purchases, and visits to Coreworx gym. We encourage our clients to download the App for their Smartphones and Tablets which will give you easy access to our schedule and allow you to sign in for upcoming classes. Click the logo to be directed to the MindBody site and download the app.

CoreWorx Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 05:30 - 22:00

Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 - 16:00


CoreWorx is built on a strong foundation of a passion for fitness and leading a healthy balanced lifestyle in mind and body.

This paired with our drive and determination to grow our knowledge and impart it to our members will "spot" them through their journey.

At CoreWorx we pull all this together with our versatility in our training approach and facility.

Victoria House, Sandes Ave, Kendal LA9 4L



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